Monday, February 16, 2004

E-Group Round-up

As many regular readers here will have noticed, I haven't posted too often lately. That's because of the attention I've been giving to the BlogsCanada E-Group Election Blog. The sponsorship scandal has provided plenty of material for our group of Canadian pundits. We've been busy...

James Bow does a nice job of providing background information in A Shot Across the Bow -- Redux.

Dru Oja Jay caused a bit of a stir with his Prime Minister Nixon?

John Fewings has contributed a couple of cartoons, Sheila Fraser and Pork Roast.

Don at All things Canadian.... has been all over the scandal story with Trust us, wait for the report, we'll fix it., Kinsella defends Sponsorship program, Name that Scandal and Quarter Billion Coverup.

Ivan Yiu came in as a voice of moderation exhorting us not to rush to judgement with Guilty as charged, or an opposition charge towards guilt? The sponsorship scandal. and Do not pass go, Do not collect Due Process. Ivan's managed to post some non-scandal items, too: Lost and found, on the Conan O'Brien incident and Why Canadians are healthier on a Boston Globe story about Canadian versus American healthcare.

Don at Revolutionary Moderation gave us Bad news for the government. Oh, wait - that government. Not us. We're all-new!.

Andrew Edwards posted a scathing critique of Jack Layton's campaign brochure in My First Campaign Mailing. Andrew also posted some Valentine's Day pics of same-sex couples.

New Canadian, Vicki Smith, has some good observations in Seems like he knew enough to avoid learning more and This is not a parody. It's the opinion of a Conservative columnist.

Matthew Fletcher weighed in with Minority Opinion, Unsubstantiated, explaining why the sponsorship issue is not raising his hackles.

I've also been doing my share of spouting off with Will Scandal Postpone Election?, Heritage Funding: Missing in a Sea of Scandal and The Liberals versus liberals. That last one has been getting some attention from conservative bloggers using a tactic that I often use. When a conservative is critical of conservatives, I often pounce. Now, I've been pounced on a few times for my criticism of the Libs. Fair enough. 

As is often the case, the comments to many of these posts are every bit as interesting as, if not more interesting than, the original posts. 

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